Recently my skin has been becoming increasingly dry, and I’ve purchased many lotions which have truly worked miracles for me! Here are some I’ve used a lot lately:

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The ‘Pure Seduction’ Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Lotion
The ‘Sweet Pea’ lotion from Bath and Body Works
The ‘Strawberry’ body butter from The Body Shop


I’ve been really enjoying using these lately. They really hydrate your skin and keep it smooth for a really long time!


Truly do recommend these for anyone with dry skin (like mine). I’m quite picky with the products I use (considering I end up keeping them to one side and ignoring them until they’ve expired!), but I’ve moved on to using lotion regularly. I’ve found that even though I am prone to acne, moisturising and hydrating my skin is incredibly important, because it decreases rashes and irritation as well.


I’ve been especially using the Victoria’s Secret lotion (above) for a long time, and I’ve found that along with its amazing smell, it also makes my skin softer and it makes me feel nice and fresh, even in the scorching temperatures of the city!