Here’s another manicure I personally thought was just absolutely beautiful

This new take on the Ombre nail is sure to make a bold statement on your girls night out while still remaining understated! This ombre’d effect of dark to light color striping is perfect if you don’t like your nails to do all the talking, but it still attracts the perfect amount of attention.

This manicure is all about layering different colours to create different effects and just requires 5 easy steps!

Materials Needed:

  • Black Nail Polish – Try Chanel “Black Satin”
  • Dark Grey Nail Polish- Estee Lauder “GK Caviar”
  • Silver Nail Polish – Ginger and Liz “Tuck Me In”
  • White Striping Brush/ Nail Art Pen – The New Black “White Stripes Pro Nail Striping Brush”
  • Super Thick Top Coat – Seche Vite


1. On a clean and dry manicure paint two coats of solid black on your nails.


2. Take your dark grey polish paint a thick stripe down the center of your nail leaving only about 25% of black polish to be seen on either side of the grey stripe. You will need to paint the grey stripe in two separate sweeps straight down from nail base to free edge in order to create thickness of the stripe.


(Note: In order to ensure a clean sweep of the brush creating a straight line- make sure that you clean off the grey polish brush into the bottle so that there is no excess product that could potentially drip down to make a mess.)

3. Let your dark grey polish dry for a few minutes and then take your metallic silver polish. Clean off brush in bottle and then in one straight sweep, paint a brush stroke of silver down the center of the dark grey.



4. Let the silver polish dry for a few minutes and then take your white striping brush and paint a very thin line down the center of your silver polish for your final color of layering. (Note: Waiting for all your layers to dry is very important because if you paint your next color over the last layer while it is still wet- you will drag the colors and create bumps)



5. Finally seal in all your colors with a super thick and fast dry top coat.

You can then get ready and glam yourself up for the other part of the night!

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