Recently my skin has been becoming increasingly dry, and I’ve purchased many lotions which have truly worked miracles for me! Here are some I’ve used a lot lately:

PicMonkey Collage

The ‘Pure Seduction’ Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Lotion
The ‘Sweet Pea’ lotion from Bath and Body Works
The ‘Strawberry’ body butter from The Body Shop


I’ve been really enjoying using these lately. They really hydrate your skin and keep it smooth for a really long time!


Truly do recommend these for anyone with dry skin (like mine). I’m quite picky with the products I use (considering I end up keeping them to one side and ignoring them until they’ve expired!), but I’ve moved on to using lotion regularly. I’ve found that even though I am prone to acne, moisturising and hydrating my skin is incredibly important, because it decreases rashes and irritation as well.


I’ve been especially using the Victoria’s Secret lotion (above) for a long time, and I’ve found that along with its amazing smell, it also makes my skin softer and it makes me feel nice and fresh, even in the scorching temperatures of the city!

Halloween is something everyone gets excited about – you get to dress up in different costumes, have fun with your friends and, most importantly, eat loads of sweets and snacks.


Here’s a something that can spice up your Halloween:

Hot cocoa!

Hot cocoa with marshmallow and chocolate chip eyes on FOXINTHEPINE.COM


  • 1-2 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2-3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2.5 cups of skim milk
  • Around 0.5 cups of fat-free half-and-half
  • Chocolate chips
  • (You may add some vanilla essence if required!)


In a saucepan, stir together the sugar and the cocoa powder. Slowly begin to add the milk and the cream, as you continue to stir the mixture around. Do not allow the liquid to boil! Take it off the heat, and whisk in your chocolate chips at this point. Make sure they blend together, removing the lumps from the mixture. If you want some undertones of vanilla to come through the mix, stir in the vanilla pods/ essence now. Keep whisking and stirring until the mixture is smooth and creamy. Pour it into a glass and place your marshmallows on top.

There you have it! A wonderful drink in cold weathers; you can also “dress” your marshmallows using some edible markers.



That part of England where the famous Harry Potter was shot. Yes, Oxford University is one of the best universities in the world with hundreds of courses and over 30 colleges, this is the to-go. 


Ever since I went to visit Oxford when I was about 10, it has always been my dream to attend college here; this dream is never going to change. Yeah, it might not be the world’s best university or anything, but life is not only about the best. It is perfect in many (MANY) ways and it is the ideal dream university. 


With all its old architecture and its shops and courses, Oxford has an impeccable reputation all around the world. It has been and will always be the university of my fantasies. 



The Rickshaw Run is something I heard about recently. It is a 2000 mile drive in a tuk-tuk across India and takes place for raising money for a charity. It is the perfect travel experience and of course, amusing to no extent.


It spans the a load of the Indian subcontinent, with two weeks to complete the entire journey. You get to choose the charity that you help and it takes place three times a year. The starting and ending points vary between Shillong, Jaisalmer and Fort Kochi.


“Pimp” up your rickshaw and make it look outstanding – and also give it a unique name. The distance you cover is the same of London to Moscow, and the vehicle is only used for short jaunts around the city or village.


With India’s mind-blowing cullture, food and the various smells, this trip is one of a kind. You get to taste, see, smell and experience the varied culture of the different states in India and celebrate; while basking in the chaos of the towns.



This would be a thrilling experience, getting to be exposed to this kind of culture, while still being able to help and give back.


Some things I truly love and that make me feel better, or myself, or just make me happy in general.



What can I say, its my biggest passion ever. Music has helped me get through some of the hardest times in my life, and when I felt miserable it  has always made me feel better.


I literally have no idea what I would do with my life if music wasn’t such a big part of it.


Community service 


Every year, I do CAS week – or community service week. 8 hours a day for a week. We go off to a different place each year and do our best to help the people and the settlement there.


This does wonders for your happiness and contentment and truly teaches you to never take what you have for granted – whether its that iPhone 5 or even a heavy meal that you have.


Dressing up 


Accessories, pretty dresses and shoes, denim jackets. I mean, what’s not to love? I love looking nice and dressing up. Not to impress people, but I love feeling pretty.


Who doesn’t love dressing up? It makes you look pretty and feel it, too. It changes you mood as well – just the right amount to make a difference.




Family. These are the people who are there by your side, people you can confide in. Yeah, sometimes you think you love your brother because you have to, but then you realise…that you actually truly love him.


They’re always around and they help you and educate you and never, ever take them for granted.




Not the TV show. Well, yeah of course the TV show too.

But your friends are the people you can be yourself around. These are the people who never judge you and never push you away. Of course, with time you do lose some friends, but the ones that stick around become the most important people in your life.


You can be completely crazy around these people – they reciprocate. You can be frustrated – the understand. Everything is okay around these people and they are the ones who make you happy, or even angry. But they’re the ones who matter.


So in my French class, I was asked to make a poster on a city that I wanted to visit, and put it on display. I also decided it was time for another city for my bucket list on the blog, so here goes. 

I decided to a translation of it in French (without using google translate), so excuse me if I make too many mistakes! 

La fontaine de Trevi: The Trevi Fountain 


There are many things to do in Rome. One of these things includes the pristine and elegant: Trevi fountain. The fountain of luck. Throw a coin into the water and expect your wish to come true. 

Il ya beaucoup de choses à faire à Rome. L’une de ces choses est la visite au élégante Fontaine de Trevi. La fontaine de chance. Jete une pièce de monnaie dans l’eau et attendre de votre souhaitent venir vrai. 

le Colisée de Rome: The Colosseum of Rome 


The Colosseum: one of the classic tourist spots in the whole world. Built in 70-80 AD, it stands tall and high as on of the most visited, and beautiful tourist attractions of all time. 

Le Colisée de Rome est un site touristique classique dans le monde. C’est construit en 70-80 AD et c’est se dresse plus fièrement et haut de tout attractions. C’est un beau attraction de tous les temps. 

Le Panthéon


It was built as a Roman temple dedicated to the gods. This marvelous structure is a 43 meter bombshell, with its magnificent pillars and the mind-blowing structure. 

Il a été construit comme un temple romain dédié aux dieux. Cette structure est merveilleux, c’est une bombe de 43 mètres, avec ses magnifiques piliers et la structure hallucinant.

La basilique Saint-Pierre


It is one of the largest churches in the world and was built in 1506. It is one place that I really want to visit as it is one of the most beautiful sites in the world.

C’est ‘une plus grandes églises du monde et a été construit en 1506. C’est un endroit que j’ai vraiment envie de visiter car il est l’un des plus beaux sites du monde. 


Le forum Romain


It is a plaza surrounded by old Roman government buildings. These are extremely statuesque and the ambiance is out of this world. 

C’est une place entourée de vieux bâtiments de gouvernement romain. Elles sont extrêmement sculptural et l’ambiance est hors de ce monde. 

Fall is fast-approaching. And winter, immediately after. Here are some things that are good for both seasons!



Boots. Who doesn’t love a pair of cute boots that you can wear anywhere? They jazz up your outfit and are extremely comfortable.




Nothing can keep your feet warm and comfortable more than a fluffy pair of socks can. Pull some over your feet and sit with your friends by the fire while enjoying this cold season with some movies and s’mores!




Baggy sweaters can keep you warm all over – and they are super chic and stylish in the season!




Beanies make your outfit look just that much better and they add a little something. While still keeping you warm and they definitely make a difference.




Scarves can add that little splash of colour to your outfit, or even help tone it down. Wear something simple, and style it up by wearing a scarf around that neck. Everyone will be staring.




Its a bit unusual, but manicures help make the fall and winter season that much more fashionable. Wear different designs on your nails and it makes the perfect accessory, without being too overpowering and overwhelming.




If you can dream it, you can do it. -Walt Disney


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